Saturday, August 13, 2005

VeeJay Does Disney

During the week of August 6 - 11th, I had the opportunity to visit Disney World in Florida for a week of fun and sun with my husband and 6 year old daughter, Alexis. This was not my first visit to Disney World. I converged in Fantasy Land during the summers of 1988 and 1989 with my son, Haven.

While a lot of the sites had not changed in the 17-year span, much has been added to further the delight of wide-eyed munchkins like my daughter. But children aren't the only ones I saw as I overheard 'oohs and ahhs' of the elders hiding under the premise of escorting the little ones. Yes, I admit, I silently uttered a few oohs and ahhs of my own.

Before long, the writer in me emerged as I sometimes paid particular attention to sights, sounds, colors, that one day might find its way into one of my stories. I captured images on camera, collected brochures, spoke to strangers while waiting in lines...

The temperature was scorching, to say the least. It rained practically everyday we was there but none of this was enough to stop the onslaught of people from around the world as they poured into the various amusement sites of Magic Kingdom, Disney's MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, many clad in plastic rain gear, while others wouldn't dare let a little rain spoil their fun.

I'm sure I did enough walking during these four days to last for rest of the year. This is definitely one place that every person (child and adult) must visit at least one time in their lives. With all of its glitz and pagentry, particularly during the nighttime spectacular parades and shows, it is definitely a magical place that will cause you to forget, if only for a short time, the state of the true world we live in.

While there, I didn't think of how many murders were occurring in my town, what bills needed to be paid, what deadlines I had to meet, what was happening back at work. Yes, I took advantage of this time and allowed my mind wander into the carefree world of make believe as I smiled and waved at all of the people dressed in the characters of Mickey, Minnie, Goofey, Tigger, Pooh, Lilo, Stitch, just to name a few, passed by. When I rememberedmy camera, I snapped their photos too. Yes, it felt good to release the cares of the world and partake in the world of make believe, even if only for a short time.

Now back home, I feel reenergized to tackle real life once again. Back to life and back to the world of writing.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to offer autographed copies of my non-fiction book, When Death Comes a Knockin'. While I must admit, the book sales I had...well, let's just say they could have been better since I was set up for approximately 6 hours as hundreds of attendees from the National Fraternal Order of Police Conference were immensed in the food, spirits and fresh air along the River Walk in New Orleans.

I handed out a slew of brochures, business cards, book marks and pens, all with either my book info, or places where my book can be purchased; as well as promo items for other authors who have graciously sent me promotional items. In addition to book sales, I met a lot of interesting people. My book is a self-help, inspirational book about loss and grief. During the course of the evening, at the urging of a concerned husband, I spoke to his wife about the recent loss of her sister and the emotions she was experiencing due to the recent death of her sister to cancer which resulted in a book sale, and a girl who had lost her mother a month ago, another book sale. Other sales went to people who simply stated they were avid book readers.

In addition to the book sales I did have, I met a mot of interesting people, namely a funeral director, two gentlemen who are the directors of grief counseling and grief notification for their agency (who also purchased a book), a critical care nurse, and a director of psychology for the state of Kentucy, etc. Why am I mentioning these, you may wonder. Because all of these could result in further book sales for me, as my book would be a perfect fit in their areas of expertise.

The point of this whole post. I'd like to stress that while book sales are great, and while every event migh not net the books sales you desire, be prepared to at least hand out your promo items to attendees, and greet every person with a smile as they pass your table and pick up your promo item. Who knows how many sales or other opportunities might lie ahead for you from that event.

Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome of that event. Only time will tell if any other sales will be garnered from the event. But I can assure you of one thing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!