Sunday, February 12, 2006

FEBRUARY 17, 1994 - SEPTEMBER 30, 1994

Gone But Never Forgotten

Our darling baby boy, our heart, our love,
Although you’ve ascended to a place up above,
Away from us, truly only God knows where
To a place, a space as surreal without any cares.

When we first found out you were to be.
Our hearts were overfilled with joy and glee.
From the start you struggled to survive,
You would not quit; early on you proved you had drive.

You arrived somewhat early, screaming and kicking,
Following a car accident, I thought would stop your heart from ticking.
But your heart proved to be as great as your will.
Premature and all, all our hearts filled with thrill.

Two months later, your breathing tube was removed,
And you proved you could breathe on your own to everyone’s amuse.
Two days after that you were released from the neonatal unit,
It actually was the original date, April sixteenth; you were due to be born on it.

You continued to grow, steadily progressing,
Until July twenty-eighth, your intestines needed rotating.
But you managed to fly through this surgery with a breeze,
You never uttered a grunt, whine or sneeze.

You proved to be our rock for what was to come,
For one month later, my world would start to come undone.
Momma died unexpectedly, from a massive heart attack it appeared,
And if you weren’t around to keep us busy, we surely would’ve fallen apart, I feared.

But little did we know what was lingering around the corner,
That death would come and claim you; you’d physically exist, as we knew any longer.
We will never forget that day, September thirtieth,
It would be a little over one month later that your life would be over with.

The day and the hour will be forever etched in our mind,
We were devastated and lost all track of time.
For not only did your life end, for in a sense ours did too,
For with you went a piece of us, that left us empty, sad and blue.

Although we have somehow managed to go on without you,
It hasn’t been easy, only with God’s help we have made it through.
And though you are not here on earth physically,
We feel your presence for your spirit lingers peacefully.

What gives us the courage to continue to go on,
Is knowing that God is true to his word and he’ll never leave us alone.
We know that we will see you, be with you again,
When life as we know it will abruptly come to an end.

So until then rest in peace our baby boy, our angel,
We know you’re watching over us guarding us through life’s toils and tangles.
And every day as we look up to the sky,
Wave to us, wait for us, for we’ll see you in the good ole bye and bye.

Happy 12th Birthday son. We Love you and miss you dearly!

Mom, Dad, Haven, Alexis and Jaylen.