Sunday, March 06, 2011

March 6 - 12th has been designated as Read and Ebook Week. No one will ever have it to say I'm not a team player, so in honor of this special occasion, I wanted to let you know what I'm reading.
Of course, I begin by letting you know about my ebook, Sacrifices In The Name of Love by Vanessa Alexander Johnson, 4.50 · rating details · 4 ratings · 1 review

What sacrifices could you make under the guise of love? Trey Martin, a Black teenager and Tessa Phillips, a white teenager are about to find out in Sacrifices In The Name of Love. They are neighbors in a small Louisiana town where race mixing is still taboo in the 21st century. Despite the objections and beliefs of their parents, the two give in to the desires for each other. Tessa becomes pregnant and creates a web of lies to conceal the baby’s paternity because she fears the wrath of her self-professed racist father. No longer able to hide the truth, Tessa will make some tough and painfulsacrifices, all under the guise of love. Will she be able to live with those sacrifices? Journey with Tessa and Trey as they face challenges that include sex, death, lies, family secrets and forgiveness. Despite those challenges, Tessa is determined to right her wrongs. Will those challenges make or break her as she faces her demons and those of her love ones, too?(less)
Kindle Edition
Published June 3rd 2010 by Red Rose Publishing
I'm reading Looking For Trouble by Erin Kern. It's a contemporary romance, and those of you who know me know I'm a sucker for a good romance. Kern has created two very likable characters, and although I'm only like in Chapter 4, I can already tell there's gonna be some HOT, HOT, HOT stuff happening later in this story. If the rest of the story is an indication of what's to come, I highly recommend you pick up Looking For Trouble.

Here's the book info for Looking For Troubleby Erin Kern

When Noah McDermott, owner of McDermott Construction, walks out into the bright morning sunshine, the last thing he expects is to get run over by a careless woman in a yellow Mercedes. His anger quickly fades into curiosity when the driver turns out to have endless legs and bottomless brown eyes.
Avery Price, daughter of a publishing millionaire, should have followed her instinct and kept driving instead of stopping at a dot on the map. But Trouble, Wyoming is growing on her and she needs a job – fast. So what is she thinking by accepting a job from the man she knocked over with her back bumper?As the two of them work together, the sparks fly. Surely they can be professional and keep from acting on their impulses. Sometimes Noah gets the feeling Avery isn’t who she says she is. Is she just a girl looking for a change or is there more going on than she’s telling him?
Avery quickly adapts to her new life in the middle of nowhere. She has a job for the first time in her life and a boss who turns her on more than her ex-fiancé ever did. But did she make the right choice by leaving home or is she falling deeper into trouble?
Kindle Edition
Published October 12th 2010
And get this folks, the ebook is only $.99 on Amazon...that's why I love me some ebooks and my Sony Reader....

And so, what books have you written that are available as an ebook, or what book(s) are you reading that's available as an ebook.

Happy Reading.