Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Poem in Honor of Valentine's Day


I'm sorry to be the one to inform you
but a warrant has been issued for your arrest
and I'll have to take you into custody
until you can see the judge.

What are the charges, you ask
Battery on an unarmed woman
with your eyes you seduced me
with your touch you enslaved me
with your tongue you ignited my fire with the tip of your flame
your hot breath filled my lungs with much needed air
as our bodies mended into one
and your sweet nectar gushed freely
causing my woman-ness to releases its own juices
as your love stick handcuffed my soul

But you were a willing participant, you offer as your defense
Yes, willing to surrender to your every command
as I was under sexual duress, hypnotized by your love

By the way, I'm your judge and jury
Guilty as charged, you admit freely,
And you have not been forced or coerced in any way to confess, you agree.

Well, for the crimes lodged against you
I sentence you to the maximum sentence allowed by love
a lifetime of loving me wholly, completely, for eternity
and that's without the possibility of parole

Your sentence begins immediately
and the punishment will be harsher
if you fail to comply, but you won't
And I promise to be gentle for the duration of your sentence

But be forewarned, good behavior will get you two for one
That's two shots at achieving new heights of pleasure
For each and every attempt.
© 062106 Vanessa A. Johnson

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